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Word Choice Anymore vs. Any More Word Choice: Anymore vs. Any More How much difference can one little space make? Well, with the words â€Å"anymore† and â€Å"any more,† it can be the difference between using a term correctly and having errors in your writing! Good news, though! Your work will be free from mistakes if you follow our vocabulary advice. Anymore (No Longer) Who wouldnt want more of this? When written as a single word, â€Å"anymore† is an adverb that means â€Å"no longer.† For example: Nobody cares about vaudeville anymore. Here, we suggest that people have stopped caring about vaudeville (a sad truth). The adverb â€Å"anymore† is therefore modifying the verb â€Å"cares.† In all cases, â€Å"anymore† refers to time. This term used to be written as two words, but in modern English the one-word version is standard. Any More (An Indefinite Quantity) When the words â€Å"any† and â€Å"more† are separate, they refer to an indefinite quantity of something. This phrase is therefore used as a determiner, such as in the following: I cannot stand to see any more Broadway musicals. In this sentence, using â€Å"any more† allows the speaker to say that they don’t want to see another musical without specifying a number. It also implies that they have already seen at least some Broadway musicals, as otherwise they would not need to say â€Å"more.† Language from Across the Pond†¦ As usual, British English is a bit behind the times. Consequently, the single word â€Å"anymore† is less common over there than it is here, so you might want to avoid it if you are writing for the Queen. Her Majesty is not amused by modern grammar.(Photo: Foreign Commonwealth Office/flickr) Anymore or Any More? These terms look similar on paper, but each has a special use. The key is that the one-word term â€Å"anymore† always means â€Å"no longer,† so it is always related to time. The two-word version, meanwhile, always refers to a quantity of something. Remember: Anymore = Time Any more = Quantity

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Club It Part 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Club It Part 3 - Assignment Example In spite of a strong clientele, owners are always thinking innovative strategies to expand business. During my internship at the club, I have learned day to day club operations and the night as well. The report will categorize business information and demographical data along with an IT based technological solution to automate day to day operations and address issues that may arise. Moreover, the technological solution will also enhance customer experience to the next level that will portray a positive impact on overall business profitability. Business Statistics The primary objective for Club IT is to provide an exciting and desired environment for young as well as old people. The demographics for the visitors of different age groups may be between 21 years to 35 years of age. The club demonstrates a unique high energy environment with traditional dining options along with live music acts incorporated with a revolving door. A large majority of clienteles are associated with the digi tal age and are quite familiar with latest computing technologies. Likewise, the awareness of Information Technology in the employees and the customers will facilitate the club to deliver value. The expansion of the business will be sustainable by integrating the social environment of the customer with social networking modules integrated with the Club’s website. Moreover, the website will also provide product information, different food deals, dates of live music events all one a single graphical user interface i.e. on a website. The website must be designed to demonstrate dynamic information, as it will maintain interest for the online visitors. As the owners seek opportunities for improving the business model of the club on a continual basis, they are now showing interest for enhancing business operations via acquisition of information systems. Likewise, these information systems will be utilized for automating several business functions including finance, human resource a nd marketing. Moreover, the purchases and deliverables can be monitored and tracked from different vendors associated with supply chain management. Currently, the club is already providing intranet services to the employees. Intranet demonstrates many advantages, as it provides a robust communication platform that can be utilized easily. Likewise, scheduled work hours and calculated wages can be computed on week to week basis. However, a storage medium i.e. a database is required for storing the required information. Moreover, if strategically aligned with the business strategy, the system can also address the future expansion and workload management of day to day operations of the Club. New Requirements The new plan empowered with IT enabled services will enhance customer experience in the club. Likewise, one of the prime features of these services will be a Wireless hotspot, as it will provide Internet access within the premises. These services will portray impact on business and will help the club to host corporate events. After the introduction of corporate events, food and drink requirements will increment. Moreover, with the help of wireless Internet, customer will use online club IT portals to order food and drinks. As the service time will be decreased, staff productivity will automatically augment. Consequently, a robust communication with the staff will be achievable, as the customers can easily

Mini Research Report on Tutankhamun Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mini Report on Tutankhamun - Research Paper Example esenamun with whom they had two stillborn daughters who died at 6 months and later at 9 months of pregnancy according to modern computations.1 However, even the modern research has not yet revealed the core reason of the deaths since there were no congenital anomalies found in the mummies. Given the young age of Tutankhamun at the time of ascending to the throne and his successes such victories over several ethnicities, it obvious that he had wise and string council among them Vizier Ay. Nonetheless, Tutankhamun made several noticeable changes during his reign marking a number of achievements under his name. For instanvce, during the third year of his reign he banned the worship of the god Aten restoring the god Amun contrary to his father’s reign. Moreover, the Capital was reverted to Thebes abandoning Akhetaten that had served as the main city during his father’s reign. It was this period that saw the establishment of the name Tutankhamun that means â€Å"Living image of Amun† whom he had restored as the god to worship. Additionally, he saw the development of Thebes marked by numerous buildings such as a temple for Amun and erection of several monuments mainly related to the gods. As a result of these advancements, traditional festivals such as those related to Apis Bull that had earlier been neglected were now celebrated across the territory. However, due the increased concentration on the god Amun other gods and goddesses were seemingly neglected leading to the belief that the land was under a curse. As such, the temples and the sanctuary were in ruins with some being seemingly abused due to use as roads and hence prayers to these gods and goddesses were not answered. This may be considered one of the greatest failures of Tutankhamun and it has received great critic especially from those against the worship of the god Amun. Nevertheless, Tutankhamun saw the improvement of the economic status of the country that had been strained during the reign of his

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Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries Essay - 1

Managing Across Organizational & Cultural Boundaries - Essay Example inancially starved due to the fact that they offer services to the general public at subsidized rates which at times will not be able to foot the maintenance cost of the facilities, thus they are forced to either request for grants or financial aid from government agencies to enable them rum their daily services undisturbed (Di Dimenico, 2011). Thus, private entities will be invited to collaborate with the public health facilities to ensure there are sufficient funds for running the facilities and catering for all the inherent expenses to ensure continuity of service delivery. Most public health facilities will be prone to offering substandard health services as a result of poor management and also lack of funds to initiate efficiency in service delivery. Thus, public-private partnership will ensure a considerable improvement in efficiency at the facilities in terms of service provision and also better management. Finally, the basis of collaborative advantage is enhanced service quality to the clients. The experience that clients of the facility are going to enjoy after the collaboration will incredibly improve as increased staff expertise will be injected into the institution as well as better and advanced technology will be employed to give the clients a satisfying experience (Lane, 2009). The main basis for public-private partnership and collaboration can be mainly categorized into three as explained below. Contracting out is the first category under the public private partnership. Contracting comes in a number of ways including; service, management, construction, maintenance, and equipment contracts. The main idea behind contracting out is outsourcing public functions to the private sector to enhance quality and service delivery thus leveraging a comparative advantage from the private sector (Di Dimenico., 2011). The private sector is all time believed to be a better performer in both management and service delivery as opposed to the public where

Freinheit 451 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Freinheit 451 - Term Paper Example The book is an excellent piece that combines enchantment with enlightenment and awakens the imagination of humanity. Fahrenheit 451 is set in the twenty-fourth century and brings up a new environment where the media controls the people, in addition to the problems of overpopulation and censorship. An individual citizen is not readily accepted and the intellectual is seen as an outlaw in that society. In this society, television has taken up the common belief of family ties. The fireman has become an igniter of fire and destroyer of books instead of an insurer against fire and its dangers. Books are seen as evil and illegal because they influence people to think and ask questions about the way things are done in that society. The story begins with an incitement where Montag meets Clarisse McClellan. Montag works as a fireman who burns books for a living. One day as he walks home from work, Clarisse who introduces herself to him approaches him. Clarisse is young, beautiful, and energet ic. She presents herself as an antithesis of anyone that Montag has ever met as she engages in a conversation with him especially in things that Montag has never considered. She is very inquisitive and she ponders about things such as love, happiness and the contents of the books that Montag burns. This character fascinates Montag (Bradbury, 1967). Over the next several days, Montag encounters a series of disturbing events that begin with his wife, Mildred, wanting to commit suicide through swallowing a full bottle of sleeping pills. This is followed by a strange occurrence that he encounters as he responds to an alarm about an old woman who has a stash of hidden books. When he reaches there, the woman stuns him by choosing to be burned along with her books. A few days after this, he learns that young Clarisse has been hit dead by a speeding car. This heightens the dissatisfaction in his life and he begins to find a solution by reading books from the stash that he stole from the fir es he started. When Montag fails to report to work, his manger visits him at his home and explains to him that it is normal for a fireman to wonder what books give and he elucidates how books came to be burned. As Beatty explains, special interest groups and other minority groups laid their objections to books that offended them. Soon, all books were written with intent not to offend any person. He explains that this was not enough and the society as a unit decided to burn books instead of permitting differing opinions from authors. Beatty tells Montag to take 24 hours, read the books, and find out whether they have anything important and then give them off for incineration. This turns Montag into a long and frenzy night of reading (Eller & Touponce, 2004). When he becomes overwhelmed of reading, he turns to his wife for support but his wife prefers television to his company and does not understand why her husband takes the humiliating task of reading the books. When he remembers Pr ofessor Faber, he decided to visit him so that he can help him. Faber tells him that the value of the book is in the awareness of the life in them. He tells Montag that he needs the leisure to read them and the freedom to act upon the ideas of the books and offers to help him read. Faber will contact a printer to reproduce books and Montag will plant them in the residence of firemen to harm the reputation of the profession and destroy censorship. This leads to a completely

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Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion Personal Statement

Compensation and Benefits Peer Discussion - Personal Statement Example The first point is when I read about the â€Å"NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement† (p. 308). I like this system of free trade and in my point of views these kinds of trades system allows multiple countries to execute business with each other in more organized manner. The second point that I found interesting was that in Mexico there is implemented a Federal Labor Law that clearly differentiates between a worker and an employer. I like the idea that both types of labor is identified and treated individually. This thought of differentiation can only be productive for any company if it is managed positively. Otherwise, the same thought can become destructive for any organization. When I compare these two concepts with other countries then I found that Brazil also has a kind of law for its employers and that is â€Å"Consolidation of Labor Laws† (p. 314) but there is no differentiation between an employer and a worker. It treats all of the workers and employees equally. Since, what I think it shouldn’t be like that. There should be a line between the workers and employees of an organization. If we do so then our employees would feel honor and work with more hard work while on the other hand our workers would try to become an employee as well and pitch in their efforts to get a batch of an employee. Now if I apply these concepts in my organization, then I would definitely try to introduce this free trade system between other countries and my country. This will not only ensure good relationship between multiple nations but also we get a good market share from other countries as well. In the end it will be good for the overall growth of my company. Besides that I would surely introduce the second concept as well in my organization but in a positive way. Like a worker is a person who has recently joined our organization while an employee is a person who has been working with us since last two years. An

Exhibition Design Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exhibition Design - Coursework Example At some points, the ants converge revealing the exact natural behavior of the ants while travelling or in search for food in their natural habitat. There is selection of natural lighting, use of white color for background and black color for the ants that presents a lovable piece of work. The audience gets the mouthwatering appreciation of the long streak of the path taken by the ants and the meandering path taken is the ants are excellently natural. The room equally presents consistent lighting scenario. The lighting presents a scene where all the edges are darker as compared to the inner sections of the wall. The selective lighting creates brighter, popping out the section of the arts while neglecting edges and thus presents a sense of a bigger space in the room. Labeling process for the arts is undertaken at collected points with few words elaborating of source of the art. The labeling is undertaken at a common point. While some arts can appear useless but after reading the attached label on it that the audience appreciates it. All labeling are undertaken are concentrated at certain selected points. The labeling entailed present some materials and arts to be sourced from Ivory coast which also proceeds to highlight on the original application of the communicated art message. Floors are either brown or darks